• Who owns BrandXL
BrandXL has been built by a 20 year old boutique licensing agency Golden Goose and established software development partners who have been working together for the past two years to develop an easy to user licensing admin solution.
  • What software does it use
All you will need to run BrandXL is a web-browser, the whole system is cloud based and, once you’ve been added, you and your users will be able to access BrandXL with an existing Microsoft email or Gmail login
  • Who get’s access to my data?

As per our privacy policy we do not share your commercially sensitive Licensing Information (such as, but not limited to, business contacts, royalty data, details of licensing agreements) to any other users of BrandXL without your permission. Except that access to some Licensing Information may be required by our technical team who may require access to data in order to resolve a technical problem

  • Where is my data stored?

Because it has been build using Microsoft’s Power Apps platform your licensing data is stored securely in the Microsoft cloud environment

  • What features are in development?

There are always new features in development. As a customer of BrandXL you will be helping to fund those features that best meet the needs of our customer base.

  • Will costs increase over time?

We have set costs with the aim of delivering an affordable solution. The only likely requirement to increase costs will be if Microsoft increase their per user license.

  • What customer support is available?

We have a dedicated customer support team ready and waiting to help you get set up on BrandXL.

  • Ask your own question?
Have any additional questions? Please email [email protected]

Built using Microsoft’s Power Apps platform BrandXL stores your licensing data securely in the Microsoft cloud environment